Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29: The Madness Continues

I hadn't really planned on shooting any hoops today, although I am determined to get better at this. But as I was walking back to my classroom during recess one of the kids tossed me the ball. "Take a shot, McTeach!" I couldn't help myself...I think I'm addicted. I would have stayed out there all day shooting hoops if I could figure out a way to teach grammar to thirty-six screaming seventh graders at the same time.

I'll work on that.

Anyway...I took the shot and...



"No, no, no! We talked about this, remember?!"

Wait...which one of us is the teacher?

Taylor proceeded to give me a review of how to properly shoot the basketball. Elbows in, knees bent, jump and shoot. Got it.

Boy, did I get it! My second shot...SWISH!!

They probably heard me screaming from the office! What a great feeling! Thanks for the lessons, Taylor!

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  1. I'm sure he's as excited as you are.