Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 13th: Moments of Hilarity

Today provided me with several moments of laughter, and not just from my own students, either. I was in the health room during the lower grades' recess, when two second grade girls walked in. It was fairly obvious that young Nadia had hurt herself out on the playground; she came in fully-equipped with tears and everything! I, of course, had to ask, "Nadia! What'd you do???"

Nadia: "I did something on the playground, and I did something to my arm, and now something hurts."

McTeach: "Wow, that's a whole lot of something!"

Nadia: stares at McTeach. Little kids don't get me.

Walking back towards middle school I watched as a first grade girl Irish-danced her way across the schoolyard. I thought to myself, "Now, there's something you don't see every day."

And then there was the lunch-time visit from my eighth grade girls! I think I may have even gotten a few words in today! I don't think anyone heard me...but I at least put something out there!

The entire conversation began with them peppering me with questions about their high school recommendations. They knew the teachers had met this morning to talk about all of them and they were more than just a bit nervous. They have no need to be, but I wasn't divulging any information so they moved right along.

Funniest moment: Now, don't ask me how the topic got here, but Katie told us that her mom always tells her that she doesn't worry about Katie being kidnapped.

Katie: "She says I talk so much that the kidnappers would get irritated with me and bring me back!"

Megan and Makenzie: "Well, it is true."

Katie: "Oh, I know it is, but still!"

Now, that's funny!

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  1. ROFL, now that is a string of good positive moments. I get a kick out of my students every day.