Saturday, January 9, 2010

January 9th

I've been working with students for the last two years on creating their digital footprint. While they've only started blogging this year, they started writing comments on my blog last year. It was an interesting process, getting them to remember that they shouldn't push "submit" until they were absolutely sure it was a comment even Grandma Gertrude would approve of. [No, my grandmother's name is not Gertrude; I don't even know anyone named Gertrude. Let's just move on, shall we?]

Anyway...let's get back to today's positive moment. It wasn't really the kind of day that was filled with positivity. I woke up with a migraine which didn't exactly enhance my mood in any way. I managed to get through the day and even to get some work done (school doesn't stop for a migraine). I still got out there and took my 365 photo of the day, and was thinking that it would have to also be my positive moment for the day. You know...despite the migraine I still managed to get one picture taken! Woo-hoo.

Let me back up just a moment. Earlier today, Lee Kolbert sent out a message on Twitter and Plurk about her latest class blog post, Warning! Don't Let This Be You!. In her post, Mrs. Kolbert asks for book recommendations that might encourage her fourth graders to read more. I could only think of one possibility, The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo. I don't often read books geared toward ten-year-olds. And since they were still etching books onto stone tablets back when I was in fourth grade, I thought it might be a good idea to ask some of my students for their help.

I sent an email to a small group of students - those I know who love to read - and asked them to comment on Mrs. Kolbert's post. Just a short while ago I discovered that two of them have left comments! Well, I'm just feeling so proud of my kids right now, I can't even tell ya!! But I'm trying!! It's a good thing it's Saturday, Jack and Makenzie, or I might just have to hug ya!!


  1. I have just started blogging with my students and go through that same do not "submit" lecture daily. I do not think my kids will ever become digitally responsible in their blogging. Perhaps I could borrow Jack and Makenzie for a day? I promise to return them.

  2. Thanks for pointing your kids to my post, Karen. I was hoping to hear from other students and your kids did a great job of being succinct and I think added great value to the conversation. When I encourage my class to do such things, I then go back and reflect, with the class, on those few who stepped up. Those who did are so proud and it's great for their classmates to get a chance to acknowledge them. Next time you do the same thing, you'll see more kids participate. Thanks again for your participation. Your support is always appreciated.

  3. I'm impressed, you got your kids to engage in conversation willingly. That is a major accomplishment for middle school!