Friday, January 9, 2015

Grammar Humor

Fridays can be long days in middle school. Long, LONG days. Especially the Friday after Christmas vacation. So I thought I'd try out a new grammar game with my seventh graders today. I'm sure some people (like McBro) might be questioning the placing of the words "grammar" and "game" right next to each other, but it works. At least in my classroom it does.

The adjectives/adverbs game involves students using up to five adjectives to describe the noun in a simple sentence so that their team can guess the noun. If they guess correctly, then their teammate can use up to five adverbs to describe the verb, hoping that the team will again guess correctly. This was not an easy game, but it did prove to be rather entertaining.

The first pair of students was up in front of their team trying to come up with adjectives to describe "band." One of the adjectives they chose was "noisy." This led one of the boys to say, "Miss McMillan." I turned calmly to him and said, "What?"

"Miss McMillan is noisy."

WHAT?!? I asked.

"See," he replied.

Hilarious. Just hilarious.

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