Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Day two back at school after Christmas vacation. The calendar says it's Tuesday, but it still feels like Monday. Actually it feels worse than Monday. I was so tired today that I felt like I might fall asleep in the middle of a lesson. Trust me, falling asleep in front of a bunch of middle schoolers is not a good idea.

After writing about my one-word goal (In One Word) I decided to have my seventh graders come up with their own #OneWord goals for 2015 and I'm so glad I did. They were writing them down on paper so we can hang them on the classroom wall, and I was wandering around the classroom talking to some of them about their choices. Listening to them explain their choices was definitely the best part of my day. 

One boy chose "seriously" as his word and, thinking he might not be taking the assignment "seriously," I asked him to explain his choice. "Well, I just really need to start taking things more seriously." That really is the perfect word for him to choose, so I said "Great choice," and walked on. 

Another one of the boys chose "remember" as his one-word goal. I asked him why he chose that word and he said, "Because I need to remember that every person is God's creation and I need to treat them that way." Yup, he's a pretty awesome young man.

Some of the other words my students chose were: joy, confidence, optimistic, active, practice, and love. I should probably have them each blog about their choice so I can read all of their stories. These are some truly wise kids I have this year!

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