Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Our Favorite Books

Today started out foggy and a bit dreary. We haven't had much dense fog around here this winter; I'd forgotten how cold it can be. Not that it's anything like a New England ice storm, but there are levels of cold. This is California. We don't really do winter, per se. We do fall, part 2.

I'm really excited about a project my students are doing right now. We're calling it the Greatest Books Project, and it's based on the Call Me Ishmael project that I first read about on the Edutopia website: Five Minute Film Festival - 10 Stories About Life-Changing Books. For the Call Me Ishmael project, people were invited to call and leave messages about books that had a lasting impact on their lives. So I decided to do something similar with my students, the Greatest Books Project.

Now, I didn't expect that my students would leave messages that are as emotional as some of the stories in the link above, but I know how much they all love to read and I thought this would be a fun way to share their favorite books. After listening to some of their messages (we're using Google Voice for this project), I'm even more impressed with this seventh grade class. Such incredibly wise young people! And so much fun to work with!

Don't tell them I said that though. :)

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